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Your Personal In-house Counsel on DemandVlodaver Law Offices, LLCVlodaver Law Offices, LLC

Your Personal In-house Counsel on Demand

Does your business need affordable legal counsel who will actively be part of the team and who will treat your business with the utmost dedication?

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC

My in-house counsel on demand, provided by Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC, can help your business with large and small legal projects, without the overhead.

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC

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Contract Negotiations

Businesses should always negotiate contracts with suppliers, customers, and other third parties–and use experienced counsel to do so.

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Counsel on demand can help you protect your confidential information and trade secrets when working or negotiating with third parties.

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Commercial Leasing


As a business expands, often it must lease out new storefronts and other spaces, which counsel on demand can both draft and negotiate.

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Outside, in-house counsel can help you license patents and copyrights on competitive terms. They also provide guidance on protecting intellectual property.

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About Us

linked-152575_640My In-house Counsel on Demand

The name of the website says it all. You need in-house counsel, but not the overhead. Pay for legal time, not ‘extra.’  My in-house counsel on demand provide experienced, professional, and personalized legal services without large costs. We want to be your in-house counsel, but know you don’t need us taking up your space or budget.

My in-house counsel on demand will negotiate and draft contracts, negotiate and review leases, organize mergers and acquisitions, perform corporate governance management, form new entities, and support one-time transactions. My in-house counsel on demand are comfortable developing relationships with your business’ leaders and working with them whenever necessary, on an as-needed basis and at a lower cost. They don’t take up your office space, but are part of the team; when you need them, they’re just as quick to help.

My in-house counsel on demand act as if they are part of the team,

but they cost much less than full-time counsel.

team-123085_640An Integral Part of the Team

When searching for legal counsel, one of the most important characteristics is fit and relationships. My in-house counsel on demand services are both flexible and collaborative. In essence, the counsel act as if they are part of the team. They thoughtfully consider your individual and specific business needs and risks.

When acting as part of the team, in-house counsel on demand can devise creative and precise ways to help you accomplish your goals. My in-house counsel on demand can better provide recommendations to set the business up for success and protect it from unique liabilities. Proactivity often helps a business save time and money on the back-end. And being part of the team motivates counsel to work hard for your long-term success.

My in-house counsel on demand are most effective when they have

experience and knowledge of your industry.

Experience and Industry Knowledge

Consider counsel that has experience with your particular line of business, whether it be retail, manufacturing, consulting, finance, online commerce, etc. Make sure your legal counsel also has experience in your industry and has worked with partner organizations such as inventors and large corporations. Lastly, don’t forget to pick a service with a price tag that matches your budget.

Find Minnesota In-house Counsel on Demand

If you are a Minnesota business, you should consider contacting Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC for outside, in-house counsel services. The attorneys at Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC have several years of experience advising business clients and working on both large and small legal projects. Please contact Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC if you are interested in learning more about outside, in-house counsel services. Or call at 612-424-1LAW.

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC’s outside, in-house counsel service may fit your organization well:

  • They have worked with large and small retailers, medical and life science inventors and companies, B2B wholesalers, manufacturers, service-based businesses, professional firms, financial service firms, and more.
  • They have experience in a wide range of industries including technology, food and beverage, consumer goods, financial and business services, healthcare, and more.
  • They have worked with inventors, software developers, small businesses, corporations, special contractors, patent attorneys, and more. They also have many connections with talented individuals throughout Minnesota.
  • They believe in zero billable hour requirements and a fee structure that works for clients. Interested clients will receive a free consultation to determine the specific ways we can assist them.